Neem Essential Toothpaste - Fluoride-Free Natural Toothpaste

  • $4.99

Neem Complete Refreshing Dental Care
Vegetable Based
100% Fluoride Free

The combination of Neem Leaf with Black Seed, Clove, Mint, Baking Soda gives complete natural oral hygiene. Regular use of Neem Essential Toothpaste helps in whitening the teeth, removes stains, strengthens the enamel & protect gums. Simply it's the best for the teeth and gums to keep them free from germs & stains.

Neem Essential Toothpaste. 5 in 1 ( Black Seed, Baking Soda, Neem Extract, Mint Oil, and Clove)
100% Fluoride free and Vegetable base. Net. wt. 6.5oz.